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1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible
To be sold on Apr 01-03

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Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center
1950 Eisenhower Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316

Fort Lauderdale

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1963 Shelby 289 Cobra

Lot No. 549

Auctioned on Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sold for $825,000

The Cobra on offer is the 23rd production example that was built. It was billed to Shelby American on October 1, 1962 and sold to Downtown Ford in Los Angeles on November 28, 1962. Its earliest ownership data is unknown, but from 1971 until 2011, it was under the stewardship of one owner, Ruben Garnica. The Cobra was initially restored in the early 1980s and has recently received a fresh restoration that has returned the car to its original glory. At some point early in its life, the engine in CSX2023 was upgraded to a 289-cid V-8. The engine is fitted with the correct components; including early and correct S1 intake, carburetor and distributor. The Cobra has its cast-iron scatter shield and the engine displays hollow-lettered Cobra valve covers. The four-speed manual transmission controls the shift progressions and has the original style shifter.

According to an Auctions America Specialist, this Cobra is in fantastic running and driving order. The engine is well-tuned, providing ample power and resonating V-8 tones. CSX2023 is equipped with AC logo knock-off hub chrome wire wheels with Goodyear Power Cushion whitewall tires (including spare), factory correct dual exhaust system, fresh Silver Moss poly paint, four-wheel disc brakes, leather upholstered seats and soft-top with side curtains. Another original aspect of CSX2023 is that the car has not had a hood scoop or side vents added over time. It also retains its original instrumentation and as further evidence of its early production, is still fitted with a mechanical tach-drive off the back of its Lucas generator. Other desirable features include a Motolita steering wheel, Ray Brown three-inch lap belts, an original Smiths clock, windwings and sunvisors.

With outstanding reliability and drive-ability, this is a fantastic machine for many types and venues of vintage racing, touring, road rally’s and favorite local thoroughfares. The iconic Shelby Cobra makes a powerful statement on the road, track, or inhabiting your favored garage space.

Few sagas in automotive history are larger than that of Carroll Shelby and his Cobra. By the time Shelby approached AC Cars in England in 1961, with the intention of installing a Ford V-8 engine into the beautiful AC Bristol Roadster, the concept of stuffing a powerful large-bore engine into a lightweight platform was nothing new. Between Shelby’s marketing savvy, engineering vision and fortuitous timing, this marque became the most successful purveyor of the idea, and the resulting Shelby Cobra became the ultimate execution of this concept. Although Shelby’s original purpose for challenging Ferrari’s racing supremacy wasn’t truly realized until the emergence of the aerodynamic Daytona Coupe and his subsequent participation in the Ford GT40 program, the original Cobra, nonetheless, quickly became a celebrated workhorse of the SCCA racing circuit, as well as European FIA championships, and the singularly most handsome dual-purpose roadster that remains one of the archetypal legends of American racing and sports car production.