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  • 2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe
  • 2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe
  • 2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe
  • 2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe
  • 2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe
  • 2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe
  • 2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe
  • 2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe
  • 2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe
  • 2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe
  • 2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe

2001 Porsche RUF RGT Coupe

Lot No. 176

Auctioned on Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sold for $ 73,700

  • 3.6-liter, 750-hp modified Sportec twin turbo six-cylinder engine
  • Six-speed manual transmission from 996 GT3 Cup car
  • Special ordered RGT; one of 14 built by RUF
  • Further performance modifications by owner for road and street
  • Chromoly reinforced
  • Integrated RUF rollcage
  • 100-liter Porsche endure gas tank
  • Work executed by top-flight technicians
  • Equally impressive on or off the track
  • Almost 1,000-hp available through tunning

When this exciting Porsche was featured in the 2009 Summer Issue of Autobahn Ambitions; the author led off with the statement; “when a RUF isn’t enough.” With more than 75 years of experience, RUF is well-respected for the building of individualized sports cars with drivability, longevity and reliability in every situation. “Driving pleasure is guaranteed.” This issue of Autobahn Ambitions (“The Porsche Tuner Magazine”) would devote seven of the 33 pages to the car that is being offered.

This Porsche was originally manufactured by RUF Automobile in Pfaffenhausen, Germany in 2002 on a second generation Porsche 911unibody. The car was initially delivered from Europe as a normally aspirated RUF RGT with 385 horsepower. It was modified to a second generation RUF RGT which included fender flares, ducktail and a carbon fiber spoiler. The RUF Integrated Roll Cage (IRC) is standard on all RUF automobiles. It is discrete and covered with Alcantra suede. The RUF has a hardwired iPod or iPhone holder that is physically connected to the radio for interference free music from an Apple device.

Subsequently this 3,100 pound RUF was further modified to produce more than 750 estimated horsepower with twin turbos. Numerous modifications have been added to optimize and strengthen the engine, transmission, suspension and body; as well as provide additional cooling. The total investments in this car are in excess of $300,000 and it remains one of the fastest and best balanced examples of a Porsche 911. It should be noted that the only driver aid is ABS braking, which means it is a driver’s car for experienced and skillful drivers. But with the right skills it will be one of the most rewarding cars a skillful driver will ever pilot.

Being a European car, it must be locked with a key in the driver side door. It may be unlocked from the driver’s side door as well after which the key must be placed in the ignition and turned to accessory within 10 to avoid the theft alarm. This is due to different spectrum requirements from the US and Europe for the remote immobilizer.

The turbo boost controller in the center console has three setting, each of which boosts the horsepower by a reported 100 with each setting. The first setting is with the boost controller off and running on 93-octane fuel. The second setting is for use with 100-octane fuel. The third is recommended for more fuel with a rating over 100 octane, since the setting effect spark advance and can result in excessive knock without the correct fuel octane rating. There are also, two maps the can be selected using a supplied dongle in the OBD II port. The more aggressive mapping uses the same boost controller but is much more aggressive and demands 109-octane fuel, but will produce a reported horsepower rating close to 1,000 from the engine. Needless to say using the most aggressive mapping should be used with caution because it begins to exceed the capability of the chassis to control that much power.

This Porsche RUF is accompanied by a “huge portfolio of documentation” through receipts. It is noted that approximately $300,000 was further invested in this car to bring it to the one-off state-of-the-art road-going/track machine that it is. The Porsche RUF is maintained in the same manner that it was built; meticulously, with a $38,000 engine maintenance performed on the car just last year.

Following are specifications that are unique to the car and worth noting:

100-liter fuel tank

Special transmission and gearing including air to oil cooler

Special water to air turbo intercoolers that result in increased turbo cool air engine charge

Special engine cams, intake and latest Garret twin-turbos provide virtually no turbo lag and an incredible linear power delivery up to a 7,500 RPM redline

Unibody seam welds and gussets including internal molybar welded support tubes to increase body strength and rigidity

JRC two-way adjustable shock absorbers


Please note this vehicle is titled as a 2001 RUF