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  •  FV721 Fox Armored Car Prototype
  •  FV721 Fox Armored Car Prototype
  •  FV721 Fox Armored Car Prototype
  •  FV721 Fox Armored Car Prototype
  •  FV721 Fox Armored Car Prototype

FV721 Fox Armored Car Prototype

Lot No. 1096

Auctioned on Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sold for $ 57,500

Weight:- 7.4-tons (6,749-kg)
Length: 16' 8” (5.08-m)
Width: 7' 0” (2.13-m)
Height: 7' 3” (2.20-m)
Crew: 3
Welded aluminum
1x 30-mm L21 RARDEN cannon
1x 7.62-mm L37A2 co-axial machine gun
99x 30-mm
2,600x 7.62-mm
Engine: Jaguar J.60 No. 1 Mk 100B gasoline, 190-hp
Power/weight: 27.6-hp/ton
Fuel Capacity: 38-USG (145-l)
Range: 270-miles (434-km)
Speed: 65-mph (104-km/h)

The vehicle being offered, FV721 Fox Armored Car Prototype, is in original and unrestored condition. It appears to still be wearing its British Army dark green and black camouflage. It is a prototype vehicle with an experimental door in the hull side. The exterior paint is in good shape with some chipping. All exterior lights are present. The tires are in very good condition. It is equipped with a dummy gun. The interior appears complete and is in good condition. It may need some cosmetic restoration. This vehicle runs and drive, but does experience engine failure at times.

The FV721 Fox armored car was designed and deployed as a replacement for the Ferret scout car and Saladin armored car. It is a 4x4 vehicle with amphibious capability. It went into service in 1973 and was retired from British service in 1993/94. The Fox had a three-man crew and was armed with a 30-mm L21 RARDEN cannon in a fully rotatable turret. Three of these air-portable vehicles could be carried in a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.

The FV721 was used in armored and mechanized infantry battalions as a scout vehicle. Its armor protected it against small arms and artillery fragments.

After the vehicles were retired, the turret of a Fox was tested on the chassis of a FV101 Scorpion hull. This vehicle became the Sabre and 136 of them were built. They were retired in 2004.

The Fox was also used by Malawi and Nigeria.

Transport Cost to Storage: $924


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