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  •  M274A2 Mechanical Mule
  •  M274A2 Mechanical Mule
  •  M274A2 Mechanical Mule
  •  M274A2 Mechanical Mule
  •  M274A2 Mechanical Mule
  •  M274A2 Mechanical Mule

M274A2 Mechanical Mule

Lot No. 1106

Auctioned on Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sold for $ 5,750

Weight: .45-tons (408-kg)
Length: 9' 10” (2.99-m)
Width: 4' 2” (1.27-m)
Height: 4' 1” (1.26-m)
Crew: 1
Engine: A042 Military Standard engine, 2-cylinder, 13.5-hp
Power/weight: 30-hp/ton
Fuel Capacity: 8-USG (30-l)
Range: 107-miles (172-km)
Speed: 25-mph (40-km/h)

The vehicle being offered, M274A2 Mechanical Mule, is in original and unrestored condition. It is painted in its original USMC MERDC paint scheme. The body is in good shape. All driver's controls are present and appear to function normally. The tires are serviceable.

The “Mechanical Mule” or more formally, M274 Truck, Platform, Utility, 1/2-ton was built in six varieties between 1956 and 1970. Over 11,200 were built. It was designed to be a lightweight, air transportable cargo platform to supplement 1/4-ton and 3/4-ton vehicle and was used extensively by the U.S. Army and USMC. As built, the vehicle had four-wheel drive and the first five versions had the option of four-wheel steering. A rope pull-starter was used on the first five variants with the sixth one finally receiving an electric starter.

The M274 was unique in that the driver could either operate the vehicle in a traditional manner by sitting in a seat or he could swing the steering column out to the left side of the vehicle, put the vehicle in reverse and walk with it from behind. He could also swing the column further down and crawl with the vehicle if under fire. The shifters and pedals were located in such a way as to make it possible to control the vehicle regardless of the configuration. Another unique feature was the ability of the vehicle to operate normally with the right front wheel missing.

The M274 could carry up to 1,000-lbs of cargo and could also mount the M40C 106-mm Recoilless Rifle and TOW anti-tank missile system. They were phased out of service in the 1980s and were replaced by the HMMWV and M-Gator.

Transport Cost to Storage: $660


PLEASE NOTE: This lot is being sold on Bill of Sale only