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  • 1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck
  • 1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck
  • 1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck
  • 1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck
  • 1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck
  • 1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck
  • 1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck
  • 1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck
  • 1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck
  • 1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck
  • 1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck

1940 Citroen 23R Cargo Truck

Lot No. 116

Auctioned on Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sold for $ 8,500

Manufacturer: Latil S.A., Suresnes, France
Production Year: 1940
Engine: Citroen 11CV ohv, 1.9-liter, 50-hp, liquid-cooled, four-cylinder, gasoline
Transmission: Four-speed: four forward, one reverse
Length: 18-feet, 5-inches
Width: 6-feet, 7-inches
Height: 9-feet (to top of cargo area bonnet)
Weight: Approximately 2.25-tons
Armor: None
Armament: None
Maximum Road Speed: 50-mph
Wheelbase: 150-inches
Crew: Two
Markings: German 9th Panzer Division, Supply Company

The Citroen 23R represents a typical French Army truck in service at the beginning of World War II. The Citroen 23R was a civilian design light-truck with little modification apart from front towing hooks and a simplified front bumper. The Citroen 23R displayed has additional German Army modifications including a rack under the cargo bed for carrying four of the five-gallon jerry can gasoline carriers. A vehicle night-marching device, designated “Notek” by the German army, has been added to the front left fender in typical German fashion. The Notek light allowed the driver to illuminate the roadway up to 25-meters width and 40-meters length in front of the vehicle during night marches without being seen by enemy aircraft. This device became a mandatory piece of equipment early in the war to counter the ever-increasing presence of Allied air power, particularly after 1943. All German transport and armored vehicles were required to have them. The Citroen 23Rs as well as the larger weight class French army trucks continued in service with the German army after the invasion and occupation of 1940. Out of the total of approximately 6,000 Citroen 23R 1-1/2-ton trucks built, 3,700 were manufactured after 1940.


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