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December 8 2012

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  • 1944 Autocar U-7144T 4x4 COE Semi-Tractor Truck
  • 1944 Autocar U-7144T 4x4 COE Semi-Tractor Truck
  • 1944 Autocar U-7144T 4x4 COE Semi-Tractor Truck
  • 1944 Autocar U-7144T 4x4 COE Semi-Tractor Truck
  • 1944 Autocar U-7144T 4x4 COE Semi-Tractor Truck

1944 Autocar U-7144T 4x4 COE Semi-Tractor Truck

Lot No. 103

Auctioned on Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sold for $ 6,500

Manufacturer: Autocar Co., Ardmore, Pennsylvania
Production Year: 1944
Engine: Hercules RXC, in-line, liquid-cooled, 112-hp, six-cylinder
Length: 16-feet, 11-1/2-inches
Width: 7-feet, 11-inches
Height: 9-feet, 4-3/4-inches
Weight: Approximately 5-3/4-tons
Armor: None
Armament: NONE on this example - Could be fitted with a Browning M2 .50-caliber machine gun (typically, every fourth vehicle)
Maximum Road Speed: 41-mph
Maximum Towing Capacity: 5-tons
Wheelbase: 134-1/2-inches
Markings: US 1st Army, 3703 Quartermaster Truck Company, 7th vehicle

The US Army, during the rearmament program of 1940/1941, concentrated their procurement efforts primarily on 1/4, 1/2 and 2-1/2-ton class trucks. Orders for heavier trucks only amounted to a few hundred. Amongst these were existing 4x4 civilian semi-tractors. The major builders, at that time, of 4-5-ton capacity, 4x4 semi-tractors were Federal and Autocar (whose vehicles looked very similar), Kenworth, White and Marmon-Herrington. The Autocar U-7144T and the similar Federal 94x43 A (later, models B and C) made up the bulk of the 4x4, 4 to 5-ton class semi-tractor trucks produced during World War II. White, and later, Kenworth and Marmon-Herrington supplemented production of the Autocar U-7144T design. Early production models of the Autocar semi-tractor featured rounded, civilian type cabs. Later models, as displayed, had open-topped cabs with folding canvas tops and folding windshields. The Autocar U-7144T semi-tractor trucks towed refrigerated food trailers (which had their own gas generator to power the cooling unit). In addition, they towed the 2,000-gallon gasoline tanker-trailer and a specialized box-van trailer that was used as a mobile, radio command center.


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