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Selling - Car Corral

Car Corral

SELL or Buy a vehicle in the Car Corral

Classic to late-model vehicles in all makes and models

The car corral is where individuals offer vehicles only (no parts, etc.) for sale, and you can shop and make the deal directly with the owner. Spaces are approximately 10' frontage x 20' depth, and there are over 900 car spaces to choose from. You will have the opportunity to select and pay in advance for a specific space in the car corral and receive your credentials prior to the show. This will allow you to drive right to your space without standing in any line and you will also have the opportunity to renew it for next year. For more information about selling a vehicle in the car corral, contact us at 260.927.9797, or download the registration form. To assist you in choosing a space, a map of the Auburn Auction Park is available below.